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“Basura” means trash or garbage in Tagalog, a main local language in the Philippines.

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Learn what we did until now by pictures

Spring, 2010
BASURA HOUSE was built inside the Aroma Dump Site. Many Japanese people visited in the area.

Aroma Dump Site BASURA HOUSE

Middle of June, 2014
Eviction of 10,000 scavengers and the house started.

Middle of June, 2014
Director Shinomiya rented a land to build new BASURA HOUSE on a contract of 15 years. It’s located by the entrance of the dump site. Christina Paz, local representative and Director Shinomiya.


Late June, 2014
Construction of new BASURA HOUSE started.

Many Japanese have visited.

Due to lack of funds and unfortunate events, Director Shinomiya returned to Japan while the upper floor was still under construction.

New “BASURA HOUSE” Japan Office

c/o Office 4, Rm 303 Bldg. Marushin Mansion,
Asahi-Cho 15-18, Hachioji City, Tokyo
192-0083 JAPAN

TEL: 042-646-0012 FAX: 042-631-5185

翻訳/加藤潤子(Junko Kato Asaumi)